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The Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange

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CIRRIE International Exchange Program


One of CIRRIE's objectives is to encourage collaboration between rehabilitation researchers in the United States and other countries. Planning and conducting research, lecturing and technical assistance are some of the forms of collaboration for which exchange grants may be used. CIRRIE does not fund travel that is exclusively for conference participation.


CIRRIE Exchange Grants are made to:

CIRRIE encourages applications on behalf of travelers with disabilities and provides for reasonable accommodations if necessary.

Financial Contribution

CIRRIE support is for airfare only. The hosting organization is responsible for other travel expenses, such as meals and lodging. Honoraria, if any, are the responsibility of the hosting organization as well. Though not required, CIRRIE welcomes applications through which the traveler will participate in collaborative efforts with more than one appropriate destination, and will cover the additional airfare for this purpose.


The traveler will make travel reservations through CIRRIE's designated travel agent. The travel agent will make every effort to accommodate the traveler, while making the most economical reservations available at that time. CIRRIE will pay the travel agency directly. Travelers must fly on U.S. carriers when possible since CIRRIE is funded by a grant from the U.S. government. We must have the original ticket receipt/stub returned to us after travel is completed.

Travelers are expected to remain in the host country a minimum of seven days. Longer assignments are encouraged. There is no maximum length of stay.

Please include a tentative itinerary for the traveler with the application. CIRRIE may fund airfare to additional appropriate sites that have also indicated that they would benefit from the traveler's expertise.

The hosting organization should complete the Hosting Agreement Form in which they agree to host the visitor at their site. These should be included with the completed application along with the curriculum vitae of each traveler.


Applications are to be submitted by the hosting organization, not the traveler.

Please review Program Restrictions prior to completion of the Application and Hosting Agreement Form, then forward via email attachment or mail/fax to:

Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange
State University of New York at Buffalo
515 Kimball Tower
Buffalo, New York 14214-3079 U.S.A.
Fax: (716) 829-3217


  • Q As a traveler, can I submit my own application?
  • A No. The application must be submitted by the hosting organization.
  • Q Is it all right to contact CIRRIE before applying for a travel grant?
  • A YES! As a matter of fact, we encourage dialog prior to completing the application. You may email or call us to discuss your proposed travel grant application.
  • Q Can I apply for travel grants for more than one person? There are two persons we wish to involve in our project.
  • A Yes.
  • Q After I submit our travel grant application, how long will it take before we know if it has been approved?
  • A CIRRIE makes every effort to review travel grant applications and respond within two weeks. For the quickest turn-around time, be sure that the application is complete and that the hosting agreements and the curriculum vitae of the traveler are included.