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Underemployment [SCOPE NOTE: Individuals working at jobs below levels they are trained or experienced to handle; total skills are not tapped]
Broader Terms: Employment

Underserved populations
Use: Ethnic groups, Rural services, Service delivery, Urban studies

Unemployment [SCOPE NOTE: Condition of not being employed]
Related Terms: Poverty, Welfare, Workers compensation

Unions [SCOPE NOTE: Worker organizations formed to advance their member interests with respect to working conditions, wages, and benefits]
Broader Terms: Organizations
Related Terms: Business, Employment
Use for: Labor unions

United Nations

Universal design [SCOPE NOTE: Design of facilities, furniture, and equipment both indoors and outdoors to allow barrier free access by all people, including those with disabilities. Also refers to products design, web design, curriculum design. Term added July 1998.]
Broader Terms: Accessibility
Related Terms: Architectural accessibility, Architecture, Bathrooms, Facilities, Furniture, Home modification, Housing
Use for: Barrier free design, Design for all, Inclusive design

Universities [SCOPE NOTE: Centers of higher learning; includes community colleges and junior colleges through professional and medical schools]
Related Terms: Education, Professional education, Schools, Students, Teachers, Work study programs
Use for: College students, Colleges, Postsecondary schools

Upper extremities
Use: Limbs

Urban studies [SCOPE NOTE: Used for urbanization and its effects on environment or people; includes urban planning, urban renewal, and urban development]
Broader Terms: Social sciences
Related Terms: Model cities
Use for: Underserved populations

Use: Ostomy

Urinary disorders [SCOPE NOTE: Includes bladder and urinary tract disorders and diseases]
Narrower terms: End stage renal disease, Kidney disorders
Related Terms: Bladder function, Bowel function, Catheterization, Incontinence
Use for: Bladder, Renal disorders