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Safety [SCOPE NOTE: Includes awareness of hazards for persons with disabilities and development of physical settings, training, and knowledge to help them function successfully in the presence of hazards]
Related Terms: Crime prevention, Mobility aids, Occupational injuries
Use for: Accident prevention

Use: Income

Sandwich generation
Use: Caregivers

Use: Classification systems, Evaluation, Goal attainment scaling, Tests

Schizophrenia [SCOPE NOTE: Includes schizophrenics and the treatment of schizophrenia]
Broader Terms: Psychiatric disabilities
Use for: Personality disorders

School to work transition [SCOPE NOTE: Transition to the workforce after completion of secondary school or university attendance]
Related Terms: Secondary school completion

Schools [SCOPE NOTE: Includes elementary, secondary, public, private, and vocational schools; for post secondary education, use UNIVERSITIES or PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION]
Related Terms: Education, Professional education, Students, Teachers, Training, Universities, Work study programs
Use for: Elementary schools

Scoliosis [SCOPE NOTE: Abnormal lateral curvature of the spine]
Broader Terms: Congenital disorders, Musculoskeletal disorders
Related Terms: Back, Spine

Seating [SCOPE NOTE: Includes seating systems, cushions, therapeutic seats, and car seats]
Broader Terms: Devices
Related Terms: Devices, Mobility aids, Wheelchairs

Secondary condition [SCOPE NOTE: A condition present in addition to a primary condition that may or may not be related to the primary condition; CIRRIE term added April 2000]

Secondary school completion [SCOPE NOTE: Completion of a curriculum generally provided in grades seven to twelve or as generally required for college or undergraduate university admission; CIRRIE term added April 2000]
Related Terms: School to work transition

Self care [SCOPE NOTE: Ability of persons with disabilities to administer medication such as insulin shots or to use special techniques related to the disability without having special attendants or nursing help]
Related Terms: Daily living, Independent living, Self help

Self concept [SCOPE NOTE: Includes the way individuals see themselves; self image; self esteem; ego]
Broader Terms: Personality
Related Terms: Attitudes, Attitudinal barriers, Behavior, Empowerment, Group behavior, Modeling, Motivation, Peer counseling, Perception, Self report, Sexuality
Use for: Body image, Disabled persons attitudes, Roles

Self determination
Use: Independent living

Self employment [SCOPE NOTE: Includes home based employment, self employed at home or in a business setting]
Broader Terms: Employment

Self help [SCOPE NOTE: Includes self help peer groups]
Related Terms: Advocacy, Daily living, Independent living, Peer counseling, Self care
Use for: Mutual help, Support groups, Support system

Self inflicted injuries [SCOPE NOTE: Observable harm executed upon oneself by oneself; Term added June 1989]
Broader Terms: Injuries
Related Terms: Suicide

Self report [SCOPE NOTE: Assessments provided by the individual rather than a professional or caregiver; CIRRIE term added November 2009]
Related Terms: Evaluation, Self concept

Self supporting [SCOPE NOTE: Having the capacity to provide for all personal financial needs; CIRRIE term added April 2000]

Use: Conferences, Workshops

Senior citizens
Use: Older adults

Sensory aids [SCOPE NOTE: Mechanical or electronic devices that improve or substitute for one or more senses such as hearing, sight, taste, or touch]
Narrower terms: Hearing aids, Tactile systems
Broader Terms: Assistive technology, Devices
Related Terms: Braille, Communication devices, Daily living, Hearing impairments, Visual impairments
Use for: Amplification systems, Low vision aids

Sensory research [SCOPE NOTE: Research focusing on the function, use and compensation of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste; CIRRIE term added April 2000]

Separation anxiety disorders
Use: Anxiety disorders

Service animals
Use: Animals

Service delivery [SCOPE NOTE: Includes the process of delivering services to clients, and methods for identifying available resources to help individuals]
Narrower terms: Individualized education plan, Individualized written rehabilitation plan
Related Terms: Accountability, Evidence based practice, Goal attainment scaling, Managed care, Reform, Rehabilitation services, Service integration, Social services
Use for: Service plans, Underserved populations

Service integration [SCOPE NOTE: Process of bringing together all necessary resources in the appropriate order to accomplish a given objective; involves initiating, sustaining, and interrelating the various resources]
Narrower terms: Individualized education plan, Individualized written rehabilitation plan
Related Terms: Interagency cooperation, Service delivery, Teamwork
Use for: Cooperation, Coordination of services, Service plans

Service plans
Use: Service delivery, Service integration

Service utilization [SCOPE NOTE: Patterns of usage for a single service or category of service by the defined end user; CIRRIE term added April 2000]

Severe disabilities [SCOPE NOTE: Formerly SEVERELY DISABLED. Major physical or mental disabilities which seriously limit functional capacity, and which require multiple services over an extended period of time; see specific disabilities under DISABILITIES]
Broader Terms: Disabilities
Related Terms: Developmental disabilities, Multiple disabilities
Use for: Severely disabled, Severely handicapped

Severely disabled
Use: Severe disabilities

Severely handicapped
Use: Severe disabilities

Sexual abuse
Use: Abuse

Sexuality [SCOPE NOTE: Includes sexual response, sex counseling, sexual techniques, and sexual needs]
Narrower terms: Homosexuality
Broader Terms: Reproductive health
Related Terms: Divorce, Family life, Gender issues, Interpersonal relations, Marriage, Pregnancy, Self concept

Sexually transmitted diseases [SCOPE NOTE: Any of various diseases that are contracted through intimate sexual contact; Term added June 1989]
Broader Terms: Reproductive health
Related Terms: HIV
Use for: AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Shaking palsy
Use: Parkinson's disease

Sheltered workshops [SCOPE NOTE: Places of remunerative employment under conditions without the demands of regular competitive employment for those who cannot readily be absorbed into the labor market]
Broader Terms: Rehabilitation facilities
Related Terms: Employment
Use for: Rehabilitation workshops

Short term training
Use: Training programs

Use: Joints

Related Terms: Caregivers, Children, Family life, Infants, Parents, Youth
Use for: Brothers, Sisters

Sickle cell anemia [SCOPE NOTE: Inherited condition caused by abnormal, sickle shaped blood cells]
Broader Terms: Anemia, Blood disorders
Related Terms: Genetics
Use for: Sicklemia

Use: Sickle cell anemia

Sign language [SCOPE NOTE: A system of communication using manual signs]
Broader Terms: Language
Related Terms: Communication, Communication skills, Interpreters, Interpreting, Language learning
Use for: ASL (American Sign Language)

Signage [SCOPE NOTE: Directional environmental cues established to assist disabled and non-disabled persons in navigating the environment; CIRRIE term added April 2000]
Related Terms: Tactile systems

Similar benefits [SCOPE NOTE: To maximize total vocational rehabilitation services available to persons with disabilities by having VR clients seek and obtain other resources to which they are entitled before spending VR agency funds; consideration of alternative funding resources prior to spending VR funds to purchase specific client services]
Related Terms: Disability determination, Funding

Use: Siblings

Skin disorders [SCOPE NOTE: Use more specific terms listed below under "Narrower Terms" when applicable]
Narrower terms: Burns, Pressure sores
Related Terms: Allergies
Use for: Dermatology

Use: Lupus

Sleep apnea
Use: Sleep disorders

Sleep deprivation
Use: Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders [SCOPE NOTE: Problems affecting an individual's ability to sleep resulting in poor-quality sleep or sleep deprivation, term added December 1994]
Related Terms: Neurological disorders, Psychological aspects
Use for: Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Sleep apnea, Sleep deprivation

Slide tape
Use: Audiovisual materials

Social adjustment
Use: Adjustment

Social casework
Use: Social work

Social interactions
Use: Interpersonal relations

Social policy [SCOPE NOTE: Formal or informal guidelines focusing on the course of action, recognition, support or censure of interpersonal and community relationships; CIRRIE term added April 2000]
Use for: Social support

Social psychology [SCOPE NOTE: Study of the manner in which the personality, attitudes, motivations, and behavior of an individual influences and is influenced by a social group]
Broader Terms: Psychology, Social sciences
Related Terms: Psychosocial factors

Social sciences [SCOPE NOTE: Disciplines dealing with the institutions and functioning of human society, and with the interpersonal relationships of individual members of society]
Narrower terms: Psychology, Social psychology, Urban studies
Related Terms: Social work
Use for: Sociology

Social security [SCOPE NOTE: Federal Government system providing people with economic assistance for unemployment, disability, or old age]
Related Terms: Federal agencies, Insurance

Social services [SCOPE NOTE: Activities designed to promote the social well-being of a person]
Related Terms: Community resources, Interagency cooperation, Referral, Service delivery, Social work
Use for: Human services

Social skills
Related Terms: Daily living, Interpersonal relations

Social support
Use: Social policy

Social work [SCOPE NOTE: Includes social workers]
Related Terms: Counseling, Social sciences, Social services
Use for: Social casework

Use: Social sciences

Spasticity [SCOPE NOTE: Related to or characterized by involuntary muscular contractions]
Broader Terms: Body movement, Muscular impairments
Related Terms: Cerebral palsy, Equilibrium, Paralysis, Parkinson's disease

Special education [SCOPE NOTE: Includes techniques for teaching, program development, curriculum, special educators, and teachers for special populations]
Broader Terms: Education
Related Terms: Gifted children, Inclusion, Individualized education plan, Reform, Teachers, Teaching, Vocational education

Special education reform
Use: Reform

Specialty care [SCOPE NOTE: Health services provided by a medical specialist, as opposed to primary care; secondary care; CIRRIE term added April 2000]

Speech [SCOPE NOTE: Expression of thoughts in spoken words]
Broader Terms: Communication
Related Terms: Aphasia, Language, Language learning, Speech impairments, Speech therapy

Speech impairments [SCOPE NOTE: Disorders that prevent the development of speech and affect the verbal expression of thought]
Narrower terms: Aphasia
Broader Terms: Disabilities, Language disorders
Related Terms: Cleft palate, Communication skills, Dental problems, Hearing impairments, Language, Language learning, Laryngectomy, Speech, Speech therapy
Use for: Communication disorders, Non vocal

Speech therapy [SCOPE NOTE: Treatment that develops and improves articulation, language, and nonverbal communication skills to correct speech disorders; includes speech therapists]
Related Terms: Aphasia, Communication skills, Language learning, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Speech, Speech impairments

Speed reading
Use: Reading skills

Spina bifida [SCOPE NOTE: Congenital disorder of the spine affecting the central nervous system]
Broader Terms: Congenital disorders, Neurological disorders
Related Terms: Paralysis, Spinal cord, Spine

Spinal cord
Broader Terms: Anatomy, Body, Nervous system
Related Terms: Poliomyelitis, Spina bifida, Spinal cord injuries, Spine

Spinal cord injuries [SCOPE NOTE: Injuries to the spinal cord resulting in paralysis or partial paralysis; for congenital disorders of the spine, use CONGENITAL DISORDERS and term for the specific condition, such as SCOLIOSIS]
Broader Terms: Disabilities, Injuries
Related Terms: Back, Back pain, Hemiplegia, Neurological disorders, Paralysis, Paraplegia, Posttraumatic stress disorders, Quadriplegia, Spinal cord, Spine
Use for: Back injuries, Trauma

Broader Terms: Anatomy, Back, Body
Related Terms: Back pain, Scoliosis, Spina bifida, Spinal cord, Spinal cord injuries
Use for: Back injuries

Related Terms: Exercise, Leisure, Physical education, Physical fitness, Recreation

Spouses [SCOPE NOTE: Issues related to either partner in a marriage, term added December 1994]
Related Terms: Caregivers, Family life, Marriage
Use for: Husbands, Wives

Staff development [SCOPE NOTE: Planned training activities to help personnel update and improve professional skills; includes those professionals involved in planning and carrying out these activities]
Related Terms: Conferences, Continuing education, Personnel, Professional training, Training, Workshops

Narrower terms: Facilities standards
Related Terms: Accreditation, Certification, Evaluation
Use for: Building codes, Codes

State governments
Use: Regional governments

State of the art reviews
Use: Reviews

Statistics [SCOPE NOTE: Includes statistical analysis, theory, methodology; also used when a document contains a large amount of statistical data]
Narrower terms: Demographics, Factor analysis, Health statistics, Incidence, Prevalence
Related Terms: Epidemiology, Quantitative analysis, Surveys
Use for: Data, Tables

Stoma [SCOPE NOTE: Artificially created, permanent opening between two body cavities or passages, or between a cavity or passage and the body surface]
Related Terms: Ostomy, Surgery

Use: Mechanical stress, Mental stress, Physical stress

Stroke [SCOPE NOTE: Includes apoplexy]
Broader Terms: Brain injuries, Disabilities
Related Terms: Aphasia, Cardiovascular function, Hemiplegia, Paralysis
Use for: Cerebrovascular accident, Cerebrovascular disease

Students [SCOPE NOTE: Use with appropriate educational level]
Related Terms: Children, Education, Learning, Schools, Teachers, Universities, Youth
Use for: College students, Disabled college students, Disabled students

Stuttering [SCOPE NOTE: Disturbance of the rhythm and fluency of speech]
Related Terms: Aphasia, Language learning

Subacute care
Use: Health care, Medical treatment

Substance abuse [SCOPE NOTE: Disease or disorder characterized by obsessive-compulsive thinking and continued and repeated use of a substance--despite recurring negative consequences resulting from its use, term added December 1994]
Narrower terms: Alcoholism
Broader Terms: Abuse
Related Terms: HIV
Use for: Addiction, Co-dependency, Cocaine, Drug abuse

Use: Captioning

Use: Employment statistics, Rehabilitation success

Suicide [SCOPE NOTE: Includes suicidal tendencies and discussions of suicide]
Related Terms: Death, Self inflicted injuries

Supervisors [SCOPE NOTE: Individuals with low level management responsibilities]
Broader Terms: Personnel
Related Terms: Administrators, Business, Management

Support groups
Use: Self help

Support system
Use: Self help

Supported employment [SCOPE NOTE: Competitive employment in an integrated setting for those persons with severe disabilities who require ongoing support in order to perform their jobs; limited to those for whom competitive employment has not previously been considered an option]
Broader Terms: Employment, Employment programs
Related Terms: Competitive employment, Private sector employment

Surgery [SCOPE NOTE: Includes the study of surgery, surgical procedures, and surgeons]
Narrower terms: Amputations, Laryngectomy, Ostomy, Plastic surgery
Broader Terms: Medicine
Related Terms: Health care, Implants, Medical treatment, Stoma
Use for: Treatment

Survey forms [SCOPE NOTE: Actual copies of forms used in surveys]
Narrower terms: Questionnaires
Related Terms: Census, Interview techniques, National surveys, Surveys
Use for: Checklists, Instruments, Inventories

Surveys [SCOPE NOTE: Includes materials dealing with a particular topic in a comprehensive way; for survey instruments, use SURVEY FORMS or QUESTIONNAIRES]
Narrower terms: National surveys
Broader Terms: Evaluation techniques
Related Terms: Census, Demographics, Interview techniques, Questionnaires, Research methodology, Statistics, Survey forms

Swallowing disorders [SCOPE NOTE: Disorders affecting the functional structures involved in chewing and swallowing of food, term added December 1994]
Related Terms: Feeding
Use for: Dysphagia, Oral-motor deficits

Use: Controls

System of care
Use: Health care, Holism, Managed care

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)
Use: Lupus

Systems analysis [SCOPE NOTE: Study of an activity to define goals and identify more effective procedures]
Related Terms: Computer applications, Management, Operations research, Planning, Problem solving