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Thesaurus O

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Related Terms: Eating disorders, Nutrition, Physical fitness

Obsessive compulsive disorder
Use: Anxiety disorders

Use: Fetuses, Infants, Medicine

Occupational information
Use: Careers, Job descriptions, Professional education, Professional training

Occupational injuries [SCOPE NOTE: Formerly INDUSTRIAL INJURIES. Injuries occurring on the job or acquired through work-related activities. Term added July 1998.]
Broader Terms: Disabilities, Injuries
Related Terms: Disability management, Employment reentry, Occupational therapy, Repetitive strain injuries, Safety
Use for: Industrial injuries, On the job injuries, Work disabilities, Work related disabilities

Occupational therapy [SCOPE NOTE: Specially designed therapeutic activities, including therapeutic exercise or sensorimotor training, intended to improve functional skills for work, daily living, and vocational activities]
Broader Terms: Therapy
Related Terms: Art therapy, Health personnel, Occupational injuries, Physical therapy, Speech therapy

Occupational training
Use: Vocational training

Use: Public offenders

Older adults [SCOPE NOTE: Individuals aged 65 or older]
Narrower terms: Older workers
Broader Terms: Adults
Related Terms: Age factors, Aging, Caregivers, Females, Geriatric rehabilitation, Males, Retirement
Use for: Aged, Elderly, Older disabled, Senior citizens

Older disabled
Use: Older adults

Older workers [SCOPE NOTE: Older employees who have not reached retirement age]
Broader Terms: Older adults
Related Terms: Age factors, Aging, Employment, Retirement
Use for: Elderly

On the job injuries
Use: Occupational injuries

On the job training
Broader Terms: Training
Related Terms: Employment programs, Job training techniques, Work study programs

Operations research [SCOPE NOTE: Application of scientific and especially mathematical methods to the study and analysis of problems involving complex systems; attempts to develop an integrated and comprehensive approach to organizations, one that rationally selects from or combines different points of view]
Broader Terms: Research
Related Terms: Management, Problem solving, Systems analysis

Oral-motor deficits
Use: Swallowing disorders

Organizations [SCOPE NOTE: Includes clubs, voluntary agencies at the national, state, or local levels]
Narrower terms: Federal agencies, Municipal/regional agencies, Regional agencies, Unions
Related Terms: Community resources, Facilities, Private sector rehabilitation
Use for: Associations

Use: Body, Physiology

Orientation [SCOPE NOTE: Awareness of one's place in space with respect to other persons and objects; term added June 1989]
Related Terms: Blind, Deaf blind, Mobility

Orthopedic disabilities
Use: Physical disabilities

Orthopedically disabled
Use: Musculoskeletal disorders, Physical disabilities

Orthopedics [SCOPE NOTE: Branch of medical science dealing with prevention or correction of skeletal disorders; includes orthopedists]
Broader Terms: Medicine
Related Terms: Amputations, Back, Back pain, Bones, Joints, Orthotics, Physical medicine, Prosthetics

Orthotics [SCOPE NOTE: Branch of medical and mechanical sciences dealing with support and bracing of weak or ineffective joints or muscles; includes orthoses and orthotists]
Broader Terms: Devices, Mobility aids
Related Terms: Implants, Orthopedics, Prosthetics, Rehabilitation engineering, Technology
Use for: Braces

Use: Bones, Degenerative diseases

Ostomy [SCOPE NOTE: An operation to create an artificial opening]
Broader Terms: Surgery
Related Terms: Stoma
Use for: Colostomy, Ileostomy, Ureterostomy

Outcome [SCOPE NOTE: Measurable results of a program, particularly as it relates to disabled clients]
Narrower terms: Long term outcome
Related Terms: Closure, Evaluation, Follow up, Goal attainment scaling, Placement, Program evaluation, Rehabilitation success
Use for: Non rehabilitants

Use: Clinics

Use: Marketing

Use: Reviews