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Thesaurus J

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Job analysis [SCOPE NOTE: Systematic study or review of tasks, working conditions, rate of pay, personal qualities needed to perform a job effectively]
Broader Terms: Evaluation
Related Terms: Employment, Functional evaluation

Job clubs
Use: Job search

Job descriptions [SCOPE NOTE: All pertinent facts about a job or job cluster which accurately define its characteristics and requirements]
Related Terms: Careers, Employment, Vocational evaluation
Use for: Occupational information

Job development [SCOPE NOTE: Process of working with various community resources to increase employment opportunities for persons with disabilities]
Related Terms: Employment, Job modification, Placement

Job interview
Use: Job search

Job modification [SCOPE NOTE: Includes adjusting, adapting, or redesigning tools, machines, equipment, or workplaces to make employment accessible to persons with disabilities]
Related Terms: Accommodation, Employment, Environmental control systems, Home modification, Job development
Use for: Job restructuring, Work adaptation, Worksite modification

Job readiness
Use: Employability

Job restructuring
Use: Job modification

Job retention [SCOPE NOTE: Maintenance of employment status generally measured in excess of one year; CIRRIE term added April 2000]

Job satisfaction [SCOPE NOTE: Gratification of employee needs; includes employee satisfaction]
Related Terms: Counselor employment, Employment

Job security [SCOPE NOTE: Ongoing reliability of a job or employment status; CIRRIE term added April 2000]

Job training techniques [SCOPE NOTE: Includes job tryout]
Related Terms: Careers, Employment, Evaluation techniques, On the job training, Training, Vocational training

Use: Employment

Joints [SCOPE NOTE: Junctures between two bones]
Broader Terms: Anatomy, Body
Related Terms: Arthritis, Bones, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Muscles, Orthopedics
Use for: Ankle, Elbows, Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Wrists

Journals [SCOPE NOTE: Periodicals dealing with matters of current interest]
Broader Terms: Information resources
Use for: Periodicals

Juvenile delinquency [SCOPE NOTE: Antisocial behavior in youths beyond parental control, open to legal action; includes juvenile delinquents]
Related Terms: Children, Correctional facilities, Crime prevention, Dropouts, Law enforcement, Public offenders, Youth