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Thesaurus I

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ICF [SCOPE NOTE: One of the family of international classifications developed by the World Health Organization]
Broader Terms: Classification systems
Related Terms: World health organization

Use: Individualized education plan

Use: Ostomy

Use: Disabilities

Implants [SCOPE NOTE: Includes artificial joints, pacemakers, devices surgically implanted under the skin or onto the body]
Broader Terms: Devices
Related Terms: Orthotics, Surgery
Use for: Biomaterials, Medical implants, Transplants

In process [SCOPE NOTE: Articles which have not yet been indexed using the CIRRIE subject headings]

Incentives [SCOPE NOTE: Motivational forces that stimulate individuals to greater efficiency or activity]
Related Terms: Behavior modification, Employment, Motivation
Use for: Positive behavioral support, Positive reinforcement, Work incentive

Incidence [SCOPE NOTE: Frequency of occurrence of any event or condition over a period of time and in relation to the population in which it occurs; rate of occurrence, as of a disease]
Broader Terms: Statistics
Related Terms: Demographics, Epidemiology, Health statistics, Prevalence

Inclusion [SCOPE NOTE: Includes integrating individuals into society who may have been considered for institutionalization or other types of isolation but are now considered able to learn from community involvement and integration; includes individuals who are physically disabled, mentally retarded, emotionally disturbed, learning disabled, and so forth. Term added December 1994]
Broader Terms: Diversity
Related Terms: Deinstitutionalization, Independent living, Special education
Use for: Community integration, Integration, LRE (Least-restrictive environment), Least-Restrictive Environment (LRE), Mainstreaming

Inclusive design
Use: Universal design

Income [SCOPE NOTE: Includes payments]
Related Terms: Budget, Business, Employment, Welfare
Use for: Salary, Wages

Related Terms: Urinary disorders
Use for: Enuresis

Independent living [SCOPE NOTE: Community-based programs with consumer involvement which provide directly, or coordinate indirectly through referral, those services necessary to assist persons with severe disabilities increase self determination and minimize unnecessary dependence upon others; includes specific facilities, programs, and theories]
Related Terms: Advocacy, Attendant care, Community living, Consumers, Daily living, Day care, Deinstitutionalization, Group homes, Halfway houses, Housing, Inclusion, Living facilities, Peer counseling, Residential living, Self care, Self help, Transportation
Use for: Self determination

Indexes [SCOPE NOTE: Alphabetical listings of names, places, or subjects]
Broader Terms: Information resources
Related Terms: Abstracts, Bibliographies

Individualized education plan
Broader Terms: Service delivery, Service integration
Related Terms: Education, Special education
Use for: IEP

Individualized written rehabilitation plan [SCOPE NOTE: Written agreement made between a vocational rehabilitation agency and a client which lists the responsibilities of both parties]
Broader Terms: Service delivery, Service integration
Use for: IWRP

Industrial injuries
Use: Occupational injuries

Infants [SCOPE NOTE: Ages 0 to 2 years]
Related Terms: Child abuse, Child care, Children, Family life, Females, Fetuses, Parents, Siblings, Toys, Youth
Use for: Babies, Neonatals, Obstetrics, Pediatrics

Infections [SCOPE NOTE: Invasions by and multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms in a body part or tissue (Stedmans, 1995); Term added June 1989]
Narrower terms: Tuberculosis
Use for: Bacterial infection, Viral infections

Information centers
Use: Libraries

Information dissemination
Use: Research utilization

Information networks [SCOPE NOTE: Includes networking, both computerized efforts and cooperative activities]
Related Terms: Information systems, Interagency cooperation, Libraries
Use for: Networks

Information referral [SCOPE NOTE: Includes information and referral as well as hotlines]
Related Terms: Client assistance programs, Libraries, Referral
Use for: Hotlines

Information resources [SCOPE NOTE: Resources which provide or manage information]
Narrower terms: Access guides, Bibliographies, Classification systems, Dictionaries, Directories, Glossaries, Handbooks, Indexes, Information systems, Journals, Libraries, Reviews
Related Terms: Catalogs
Use for: Clearinghouses

Information systems [SCOPE NOTE: Includes computerized or manual information storage and retrieval system, management information systems, and so forth]
Broader Terms: Information resources
Related Terms: Classification systems, Computer applications, Decision support systems, Information networks, Libraries
Use for: Clearinghouses, Databases, Management Information Systems, Recordkeeping

Informed consent
Use: Ethics, Medical treatment

Injuries [SCOPE NOTE: General term used only when more specific terms do not exist; term added June 1989]
Narrower terms: Brain injuries, Occupational injuries, Self inflicted injuries, Spinal cord injuries
Use for: Trauma, Wounds

Insensitive limbs
Use: Limbs, Neurological disorders

Inservice training
Use: Training programs

Use: Sleep disorders

Institutionalization [SCOPE NOTE: Can include the institutionalization of patients in hospitals, mental institutions or facilities, mentally retarded persons in institutions, or public offenders in jail]
Related Terms: Clients, Correctional facilities, Hospitals, Long term care, Public offenders

Instructional materials [SCOPE NOTE: Used in a school setting; relates to teachers or others instructing students with disabilities or other students about persons with disabilities; includes manuals, textbooks, and others, providing lessons, instruction, or use direction]
Narrower terms: Programmed instruction, Training materials
Related Terms: Curriculum, Education, Handbooks, Instructional methods, Training, Vocational training
Use for: Guides

Instructional methods [SCOPE NOTE: Various means of conveying information or knowledge for educational purposes, term added December 1994]
Broader Terms: Education
Related Terms: Instructional materials, Training materials, Training programs

Instructional workshops
Use: Workshops

Use: Assistive technology, Medical technology

Use: Questionnaires, Survey forms, Tests

Insurance [SCOPE NOTE: Includes auto insurance; use specific terms under Narrower Terms below when applicable]
Narrower terms: Health insurance, Workers compensation
Related Terms: Disability determination, Social security, Welfare

Use: Inclusion

Use: Intelligence

Intellectual disabilities [SCOPE NOTE: Includes persons with retardation]
Narrower terms: Down syndrome
Broader Terms: Developmental disabilities, Disabilities
Related Terms: Community living, Intelligence, Neurological disorders
Use for: Mental retardation

Intelligence [SCOPE NOTE: Intellectual ability. For applied perception or reasoning, use COGNITION. For the ability to gain knowledge through study or experience, use LEARNING. For IQ and other measures of intelligence, use INTELLIGENCE TESTS.]
Narrower terms: Intelligence tests
Related Terms: Brain, Child development, Cognition, Intellectual disabilities, Learning
Use for: Intellect

Intelligence tests [SCOPE NOTE: Instruments used to evaluate intellectual ability; tests designed to determine the relative mental capability of a person]
Broader Terms: Evaluation techniques, Intelligence, Psychological tests, Tests
Use for: IQ, Measurements

Interagency cooperation [SCOPE NOTE: Includes agreements, cooperative programs, coordination, and linkage systems]
Related Terms: Information networks, Interagency relations, Service integration, Social services, Teamwork
Use for: Cooperation, Cooperative school programs, Coordination of services, Networks

Interagency relations [SCOPE NOTE: Includes federal, state, and local agency relations, as well as relations between agencies of different countries]
Narrower terms: Federal regional relations
Related Terms: Community resources, Federal agencies, Interagency cooperation, Municipal/regional agencies
Use for: Federal relations

Interdisciplinary activities [SCOPE NOTE: Studies, programs, and other activities utilizing the expertise of more than one discipline; term added June 1989]
Related Terms: Teamwork

Use: Controls

Internet [SCOPE NOTE: A matrix of networks connecting computers around the world; includes listserves, e-mail, World Wide Web sites, FTP, gopher, telnet, usenet, IRC, and all other Internet-accessed computer services and applications. Excludes independent networks, sites, and services not accessed through the Internet.]
Broader Terms: Computers
Related Terms: Telecommunications
Use for: Chat rooms, Digital communication, E-mail, Electronic discussion groups, Electronic mail, Web sites

Interpersonal relations [SCOPE NOTE: Concerns relationships between persons; includes human relations]
Related Terms: Child development, Family life, Group behavior, Sexuality, Social skills
Use for: Human relations, Peer interactions, Social interactions

Interpreters [SCOPE NOTE: Facilitators of communication between deaf and hearing individuals]
Related Terms: Communication skills, Interpreting, Sign language

Interpreting [SCOPE NOTE: Conveying the spoken message of a hearing individual through manual signs and/or lip movements, and conveying through voice or writing the signed message of a deaf individual]
Related Terms: Communication skills, Interpreters, Sign language
Use for: Lip reading

Intervention [SCOPE NOTE: Interceding between an individual and a disability or situation, such as attempting to prevent burnout or abuse; may be through education or medicine]
Narrower terms: Early intervention
Related Terms: Diagnosis, Goal attainment scaling, Guidelines/protocols, Medical treatment
Use for: Crisis intervention

Interview techniques [SCOPE NOTE: Includes procedures used by counselors in interviewing]
Broader Terms: Evaluation techniques
Related Terms: Counseling, Counseling techniques, Questionnaires, Research methodology, Survey forms, Surveys

Use: Questionnaires, Survey forms, Tests

Invisible disabilities
Use: Disabilities

Use: Intelligence tests

Use: Anemia

Use: Individualized written rehabilitation plan