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Thesaurus G

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Use: Ambulation

Use: Horticulture

Gender issues [SCOPE NOTE: CIRRIE term added April 2000]
Related Terms: Females, Males, Sexuality

Genetics [SCOPE NOTE: Study of heredity, organism variation, and genetic mechanisms; includes genes, genetic counseling, and genetic disorders]
Related Terms: Cystic fibrosis, Down syndrome, Hemophilia, Rare disorders, Sickle cell anemia

Geriatric rehabilitation [SCOPE NOTE: Rehabilitation of conditions resulting from the aging process; term added June 1989]
Related Terms: Age factors, Aging, Older adults
Use for: Gerontology

Use: Aging, Geriatric rehabilitation

Gifted children [SCOPE NOTE: Children and youth possessing demonstrable or potential abilities that give evidence of high performance capability in areas such as intellectual, creative, specific academic, or leadership ability, or in the performing or visual arts; who, for this reason, require special educational services]
Broader Terms: Children
Related Terms: Special education

Use: Females, Youth

Glossaries [SCOPE NOTE: Collections of specialized terms with definitions]
Broader Terms: Information resources
Related Terms: Dictionaries
Use for: Definitions

Goal attainment scaling [SCOPE NOTE: Individualized outcome measure for evaluating human service delivery systems and intervention programs; technique for evaluating program effectiveness on the basis of the extent to which individualized client goals, established at intake, have been achieved upon termination of follow-up]
Broader Terms: Evaluation techniques
Related Terms: Goal setting, Intervention, Outcome, Planning, Service delivery, Tests
Use for: Scales

Goal setting [SCOPE NOTE: Includes personal goal setting, usually by clients and rehabilitation counselors; informal process whereby goals are set; time limits are frequently given for achievement]
Broader Terms: Counseling techniques
Related Terms: Client satisfaction, Evaluation, Goal attainment scaling
Use for: Decision making

Use: Federal agencies, Federal regional relations, Municipal/regional agencies

Government policy
Use: Municipal/regional agencies, Policy, Regional agencies

Government programs
Use: Federal agencies, Municipal/regional agencies, Programs

Grants [SCOPE NOTE: Sums of money given to an individual or group for a specific purpose]
Broader Terms: Funding
Related Terms: Appropriations, Contracts

Broader Terms: Emotions
Related Terms: Anxiety disorders, Death, Terminal illness
Use for: Bereavement

Related Terms: Daily living
Use for: Hygiene

Group behavior [SCOPE NOTE: Involves group interaction; includes an individuals behavior in a group situation]
Broader Terms: Behavior
Related Terms: Group counseling, Interpersonal relations, Self concept

Group counseling [SCOPE NOTE: Therapy technique which includes interaction among group members with a counselor or other leader]
Broader Terms: Counseling, Counseling techniques
Related Terms: Group behavior, Mental health, Peer counseling
Use for: Group therapy

Group homes [SCOPE NOTE: Facilities where groups of unrelated persons with disabilities live independently]
Broader Terms: Facilities, Housing, Living facilities
Related Terms: Community centers, Community living, Deinstitutionalization, Halfway houses, Independent living, Residential living

Group therapy
Use: Group counseling

Growth disorders [SCOPE NOTE: Abnormal development of the body or a part]
Use for: Dwarfism

Use: Counseling

Guidelines/protocols [SCOPE NOTE: CIRRIE term added April 2000]
Related Terms: Intervention

Use: Access guides, Handbooks, Instructional materials, Training materials