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Thesaurus F

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Facial disfigurement [SCOPE NOTE: Disfigurement of the face or head; includes facial spasm, paralysis, lost of ear, nose, and so forth]
Narrower terms: Cleft palate
Related Terms: Burns, Cancer, Dental problems, Dentistry, Leprosy, Muscular impairments, Plastic surgery

Facilities [SCOPE NOTE: Use when more specific terms are not appropriate]
Narrower terms: Clinics, Community centers, Correctional facilities, Group homes, Halfway houses, Hospices, Hospitals, Housing, Living facilities, Mobile facilities, Nursing homes, Rehabilitation engineering centers, Rehabilitation facilities, Research and training centers
Related Terms: Architectural accessibility, Architectural barriers, Architecture, Community living, Day care, Facilities standards, Foster care, Organizations, Residential living, Universal design

Facilities standards [SCOPE NOTE: Set of criteria used to measure the effectiveness of or to accredit rehabilitation facilities, sheltered workshops, and so forth]
Broader Terms: Standards
Related Terms: Accommodation, Accreditation, Facilities
Use for: Building codes, Codes

Factor analysis [SCOPE NOTE: Statistical procedure which is used to reduce a large set of variables to a few basic dimensions]
Broader Terms: Statistics
Use for: Psychometrics

Family caregivers
Use: Caregivers

Family involvement
Use: Patient education

Family life [SCOPE NOTE: Broad term; includes all aspects of family relations or roles; use more specific term when appropriate]
Related Terms: Adoption, Aging, Caregivers, Child abuse, Child care, Children, Females, Fetuses, Infants, Interpersonal relations, Males, Parents, Pregnancy, Sexuality, Siblings, Spouses, Youth

Use: Agriculture, Horticulture

Use: Parents

Use: Anxiety disorders

Feasibility studies [SCOPE NOTE: Study to determine if a concept is practical or suitable]
Related Terms: Longitudinal studies, Pilot projects

Federal agencies [SCOPE NOTE: Includes congressional and federal agency related topics]
Narrower terms: Military
Broader Terms: Organizations
Related Terms: Community resources, Interagency relations, Municipal/regional agencies, Regional agencies, Regional plans, Social security
Use for: Agencies, Civil service, Federal government, Federal programs, Government, Government programs

Federal government
Use: Federal agencies

Federal programs
Use: Federal agencies, Programs

Federal regional relations [SCOPE NOTE: Association or interaction between the Federal Government and state governments]
Broader Terms: Interagency relations
Related Terms: Regional agencies, Regional governments
Use for: Federal relations, Government, Politics, Regional federal relations

Federal relations
Use: Federal regional relations, Interagency relations

Feedback [SCOPE NOTE: Providing information on an action or process made by a client, i.e., verbally, visually, or electronically, to enable the client to take self corrective action]
Narrower terms: Biofeedback
Related Terms: Cybernetics

Feeding [SCOPE NOTE: Skills necessary to eat: handle utensils and consume food]
Related Terms: Daily living, Eating disorders, Nutrition, Swallowing disorders
Use for: Eating, Enteral feeding

Related Terms: Adults, Diversity, Family life, Gender issues, Infants, Older adults, Youth
Use for: Girls, Women

Fetal alcohol syndrome [SCOPE NOTE: Effect on a fetus of maternal alcohol use during pregnancy; term added June 1989]
Related Terms: Alcoholism, Pregnancy

Fetuses [SCOPE NOTE: Unborn young from the end of the eighth week after conception to the moment of birth (Stedmans, 1995); Term added June 1989]
Related Terms: Children, Family life, Infants, Pregnancy, Youth
Use for: Obstetrics, Prenatals

Fibromyalgia [SCOPE NOTE: Disorder of unknown etiology characterized by chronic, widespread pain, and increased tenderness of muscle tissue.]
Related Terms: Muscles, Pain
Use for: Fibromyalgia syndrome

Fibromyalgia syndrome
Use: Fibromyalgia

Fieldwork [SCOPE NOTE: Study of a population within its habitat; Term added June 1989]
Broader Terms: Research

Use: Audiovisual materials

Final reports [SCOPE NOTE: Reports issued at the end of a grant or contract by facilities who receive money from federal agencies]
Related Terms: Annual reports

Use: Accounting, Budget, Costs

Financial aid [SCOPE NOTE: Financial assistance to an individual; does not include insurance]
Related Terms: Appropriations, Funding

Fine motor skills
Use: Motor skills

Use: Communication skills

Follow up [SCOPE NOTE: Supplementary action that follows, reinforces, or expands upon an initial effort; includes supportive assistance during the initial stage of a new program of job placement, independent living, and so forth; may determine to what degree the past and present programs are meeting client needs, or ascertain the readiness of clients to benefit from new programs; includes follow through]
Related Terms: Outcome, Placement, Post employment

Foreign born [SCOPE NOTE: Non-citizens]
Related Terms: Cultural diversity, Ethnic groups
Use for: Aliens

Foster care [SCOPE NOTE: Noninstitutional residential arrangement made to a person outside his/her own home; placement is in a family setting and the host family maintains an interest in the well-being of the person being cared for; includes foster homes]
Related Terms: Day care, Deinstitutionalization, Facilities, Halfway houses, Housing, Residential living

Full text [SCOPE NOTE: Articles that are available in complete form online]

Full-time employment [SCOPE NOTE: A work status or assignment regularly scheduled in excess of 32 hours/week; CIRRIE term added April 2000]
Broader Terms: Employment
Related Terms: Part-time employment

Functional analysis
Use: Evaluation, Functional evaluation

Functional assessment
Use: Functional evaluation

Functional capacity
Use: Functional evaluation, Task analysis

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)
Use: Electrical stimulation

Functional evaluation [SCOPE NOTE: Assessment of a clients physical abilities or ability to behave in a goal oriented, purposeful, and adaptive manner within familial, social, vocational, and economic circumstances]
Broader Terms: Evaluation
Related Terms: Functional limitations, Functional status, Job analysis, Physical evaluation, Task analysis, Vocational evaluation
Use for: Client evaluation, Functional analysis, Functional assessment, Functional capacity, Measurements, Performance evaluation

Functional limitations [SCOPE NOTE: Partial or total inability to perform tasks or activities related to normal physical, mental, or emotional functions]
Broader Terms: Functional status
Related Terms: Disability determination, Eligibility, Evaluation, Evaluation techniques, Functional evaluation, Task analysis

Functional status [SCOPE NOTE: Broad term used when FUNCTIONAL LIMITATIONS and FUNCTIONAL EVALUATION are too specific. term added in 1999.]
Narrower terms: Functional limitations
Related Terms: Functional evaluation

Funding [SCOPE NOTE: Available money, sum of money set aside for a specific purpose; includes planning for necessary funding, discussion of funding sources; not used for specific insurance programs unless a number of them are discussed specifically as funding sources]
Narrower terms: Contracts, Grants
Related Terms: Appropriations, Financial aid, Similar benefits
Use for: Reimbursement

Related Terms: Housing, Universal design
Use for: Home furnishings

Use: Prediction, Trends