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Thesaurus D

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Daily living [SCOPE NOTE: Evaluation of, and training in, the ability to perform essential self help skills: dressing, use of public transportation, and other functional skills]
Related Terms: Clothing, Communication devices, Community living, Devices, Feeding, Grooming, Habilitation, Homemakers, Independent living, Mobility, Self care, Self help, Sensory aids, Social skills
Use for: Activities of daily living (ADL), Housekeeping, Hygiene, Life skills training, Toileting

Dance therapy [SCOPE NOTE: Use of dance and movement in treatment of physical or emotional disorders; includes dance/movement therapists.]
Broader Terms: Therapy
Related Terms: Therapy
Use for: Movement therapy

Use: Statistics

Use: Information systems

Day care [SCOPE NOTE: Care of persons with disabilities away from home, such as in a community facility; for care of child, use CHILD CARE]
Related Terms: Attendant care, Child care, Community living, Facilities, Foster care, Independent living, Living facilities, Residential living, Respite care

Deaf [SCOPE NOTE: Includes people who are totally deaf or nonhearing. For partial deafness, use HEARING IMPAIRMENTS. For conditions causing total loss of hearing, use DEAFNESS.]
Broader Terms: Disabilities, Hearing impairments
Related Terms: Communication devices, Communication skills, Deaf blind, Deafness
Use for: Late deafened

Deaf blind [SCOPE NOTE: For individuals who are both deaf and blind or hearing impaired and visually impaired]
Broader Terms: Disabilities, Hearing impairments, Visual impairments
Related Terms: Blind, Blindness, Braille, Communication devices, Communication skills, Deaf, Deafness, Low vision, Mobility training, Multiple disabilities, Orientation

Deafness [SCOPE NOTE: A condition causing severe loss of hearing. For consumers and services to people who are deaf, use DEAF. For conditions causing partial deafness, use HEARING IMPAIRMENTS. Term added July 1998.]
Related Terms: Deaf, Deaf blind

Death [SCOPE NOTE: Includes reaction to death, coping with death, and death counseling]
Related Terms: Grief, Hospices, Suicide, Terminal illness
Use for: Mortality

Decision making
Use: Decision support systems, Goal setting, Management, Planning, Policy

Decision support systems [SCOPE NOTE: Computer programs that aid in making decisions by organizing and analyzing data; term added April 1988]
Related Terms: Computer applications, Information systems, Management
Use for: Artificial intelligence, Decision making, Expert systems

Decubitus ulcers
Use: Pressure sores

Use: Dictionaries, Glossaries

Degenerative diseases [SCOPE NOTE: A conditions or diseases that is degenerative in nature; CIRRIE term added May 2010]
Narrower terms: Arthritis, Dementia, Multiple sclerosis
Use for: Osteoporosis, Progressive diseases

Deinstitutionalization [SCOPE NOTE: Concept with three interrelated processes: (1)prevention of admission to a public institution by developing, finding, and using alternative community care and training; (2) return to the community by residents who function appropriately and who benefit from community-based habilitation and training programs; and (3) establishment and maintenance of a responsive institutional environment contributing to appropriate and expeditious return to the community]
Related Terms: Foster care, Group homes, Habilitation, Halfway houses, Home care, Inclusion, Independent living, Residential living
Use for: Normalization

Dementia [SCOPE NOTE: Irrecoverable deterioration of mental state; term added June 1989]
Broader Terms: Degenerative diseases
Related Terms: Alzheimer's disease

Demographics [SCOPE NOTE: Statistical study of human populations, especially including size and density, distribution, and vital statistics; includes census data]
Broader Terms: Statistics
Related Terms: Census, Client characteristics, Epidemiology, Health statistics, Incidence, National surveys, Prevalence, Surveys

Demonstration programs
Use: Model programs, Pilot projects

Dental problems [SCOPE NOTE: Includes specific defects, disorders, or diseases]
Related Terms: Dentistry, Facial disfigurement, Speech impairments

Dentistry [SCOPE NOTE: Includes orthodontia and dentists]
Related Terms: Dental problems, Facial disfigurement, Health personnel, Medical personnel

Dependency [SCOPE NOTE: Dependence upon persons, programs, or things, but not drugs or alcohol; for substance dependency, use SUBSTANCE ABUSE; term added June 1989]
Use for: Co-dependency

Depression [SCOPE NOTE: State of feeling sad; can be marked by inactivity, difficulty in thinking and concentrating, and feelings of dejection]
Broader Terms: Emotional disorders, Psychiatric disabilities
Related Terms: Behavior, Eating disorders, Personality, Psychology
Use for: Personality disorders

Use: Skin disorders

Design for all
Use: Universal design

Use: Diagnosis

Developing countries

Developmental disabilities [SCOPE NOTE: Includes disabilities which are manifested before age 22 and which constitute a substantial limitation to the individual; use specific disability listed under "Narrower Terms" below when applicable]
Narrower terms: Autism, Cerebral palsy, Epilepsy, Intellectual disabilities, Learning disabilities
Broader Terms: Disabilities
Related Terms: Child development, Multiple disabilities, Severe disabilities

Devices [SCOPE NOTE: Broad term; refers to pieces of equipment used to facilitate persons with disabilities; includes aids, self-help devices, equipment, appliances, medical aids used and worn by patients, and apparatus used in treatment; use more specific term listed below under narrower terms as appropriate]
Narrower terms: Communication devices, Do it yourself devices, Hearing aids, Implants, Medical technology, Mobility aids, Motor vehicles, Orthotics, Prosthetics, Seating, Sensory aids, TDD, Tactile systems, Telephones, Wheelchairs
Broader Terms: Technology
Related Terms: Assistive technology, Controls, Daily living, Devices design, Devices evaluation, Devices selection, Engineering, Evaluation, Robotics, Seating, Telecommunications
Use for: Adaptive devices, Equipment

Devices design [SCOPE NOTE: Creation and development of equipment used to facilitate the functioning of persons with disabilities; use especially for documents with drawings to scale]
Narrower terms: Wheelchair design
Related Terms: Communication devices, Devices, Ergonomics, Rehabilitation engineering, Technology development
Use for: Product design

Devices evaluation [SCOPE NOTE: Assessment and testing of equipment, devices, and aids]
Broader Terms: Evaluation
Related Terms: Devices, Devices selection

Devices selection [SCOPE NOTE: Issues related to selecting appropriate assistive devices or technology, term added December 1994]
Related Terms: Devices, Devices evaluation

Use for: Manual dexterity

Diabetes [SCOPE NOTE: Various abnormal conditions characterized by the secretion and excretion of excessive amounts of urine; includes mellitus and juvenile onset]
Broader Terms: Endocrine disorders, Metabolism disorders

Diagnosis [SCOPE NOTE: Identification of disease or condition by examination or analysis]
Broader Terms: Medicine
Related Terms: Early intervention, Evaluation, Intervention, Medical evaluation, Medical treatment, Pathology, Prevention, Tests
Use for: Assessment, Detection

Use: End stage renal disease

Dictionaries [SCOPE NOTE: Reference works which provide definitions of terms]
Broader Terms: Information resources
Related Terms: Glossaries
Use for: Definitions

Use: Nutrition

Use: Nutrition

Use: Nutrition

Digital communication
Use: Internet

Directories [SCOPE NOTE: Listings of groups, organizations, agencies, programs, facilities, services, or individuals together with information on how they may be contacted]
Broader Terms: Information resources

Disabilities [SCOPE NOTE: Physical or mental impairments that are congenital or acquired by accident, injury, or disease; primarily used for documents that cover many disabilities or disability as a general subject; use more specific disabilities listed below under narrower term when appropriate]
Narrower terms: Autism, Blind, Blindness, Brain injuries, Cerebral palsy, Congenital disorders, Deaf, Deaf blind, Developmental disabilities, Epilepsy, Hearing impairments, Intellectual disabilities, Learning disabilities, Multiple disabilities, Multiple sclerosis, Muscular dystrophy, Musculoskeletal disorders, Neuromuscular disorders, Occupational injuries, Physical disabilities, Psychiatric disabilities, Rare disorders, Severe disabilities, Speech impairments, Spinal cord injuries, Stroke, Visual impairments
Related Terms: Disability determination, Disability management, Respiratory disease
Use for: Hidden disabilities, Impairments, Invisible disabilities

Disability determination [SCOPE NOTE: Determination of inability to work because of physical or mental impairment that has lasted or is expected to last at least twelve months; process includes medical evaluation]
Related Terms: Disabilities, Eligibility, Functional limitations, Insurance, Medical evaluation, Similar benefits, Workers compensation

Disability diversity [SCOPE NOTE: Social movement encompassing efforts to increase awareness and inclusion of demographic minorities, including people with disabilities; CIRRIE term added April 2000]
Broader Terms: Diversity
Use for: Disability sensitivity

Disability insurance [SCOPE NOTE: Disability insurance coverage purchased from private insurance companies; term added June 1989]
Related Terms: Health insurance, Workers compensation

Disability management [SCOPE NOTE: Process of returning an industrially injured worker to work, including secondary prevention through early intervention and rehabilitation; also includes primary prevention factors such as safety concerns, health screening, health promotion, and wellness]
Related Terms: Disabilities, Early intervention, Health promotion, Occupational injuries, Prevention, Rehabilitation

Disability rights
Use: Advocacy, Legislation, Policy

Disability sensitivity
Use: Disability diversity

Disability studies [SCOPE NOTE: Academic discipline addressing the study of disability in culture. Term added July 1998.]
Related Terms: Biographies, History

Disabled college students
Use: Students

Disabled job seekers
Use: Employment

Disabled parents
Use: Parenting with a disability, Parents

Disabled persons attitudes
Use: Self concept

Disabled students
Use: Students

Disabled workers
Use: Workers with disabilities

Use: Poverty

Disasters [SCOPE NOTE: CIRRIE term added 2002]

Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE)
Use: Lupus

Disease prevention
Use: Prevention

Disincentives [SCOPE NOTE: Deterrents to action or motivation; may be financial, psychological, physical, or structural obstacles that stand in the way of progress]
Related Terms: Behavior modification, Employment, Employment economics, Motivation
Use for: Negative reinforcement

Diversity [SCOPE NOTE: Social movement encompassing efforts to increase awareness and inclusion of ethnic, religious, and demographic minorities.]
Narrower terms: Affirmative action, Cultural diversity, Disability diversity, Inclusion
Related Terms: Attitudes, Ethnic groups, Females, Males, Underserved populations
Use for: Multiculturalism

Related Terms: Parents, Sexuality

DLE (Discoid lupus erythematosus)
Use: Lupus

Do it yourself devices
Broader Terms: Devices

Domestic violence
Use: Abuse, Child abuse, Violence

Down syndrome [SCOPE NOTE: Syndrome of mental retardation caused by chromosomal abnormalities; characteristics include retarded growth, flattened skull, and thickened tongue; mongolism]
Broader Terms: Congenital disorders, Intellectual disabilities
Related Terms: Genetics

Use: Driving

Driving [SCOPE NOTE: Includes all aspects of driving including licenses and parking]
Related Terms: Mobility aids, Motor vehicles, Transportation
Use for: Drivers

Dropouts [SCOPE NOTE: Includes high school and college]
Related Terms: Education, Juvenile delinquency, Youth

Drug abuse
Use: Substance abuse

Drug trials
Use: Pharmacology, Research

Drugs [SCOPE NOTE: Indicates medications; for drug addiction, use SUBSTANCE ABUSE]
Related Terms: Chemotherapy, Medical treatment, Pain, Pharmacology

Use: Growth disorders

Use: Learning disabilities

Use: Swallowing disorders