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Thesaurus A

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Absenteeism [SCOPE NOTE: Chronic absence from work or school; CIRRIE term added December 2001]

Abstracts [SCOPE NOTE: Brief informative summaries of the salient points of a document]
Related Terms: Bibliographies, Indexes

Abuse [SCOPE NOTE: Mental or physical harm inflicted upon a person; term added December 1994.]
Narrower terms: Child abuse, Substance abuse
Related Terms: Violence
Use for: Domestic violence, Elder abuse, Sexual abuse, Verbal abuse

Academic achievement
Related Terms: Habilitation

Access guides [SCOPE NOTE: Documents describing accessibility of parks, airports, cities, and other facilities]
Broader Terms: Information resources
Related Terms: Accessibility, Handbooks, Program accessibility
Use for: Guides

Access to care
Use: Health care

Accessibility [SCOPE NOTE: Relative ease of negotiating obstacles, buildings, rooms, or other places by persons with crutches, in wheelchairs, or with other mobility restrictions; use more specific term listed below under "Narrower terms" when applicable]
Narrower terms: Architectural accessibility, Program accessibility, Transportation accessibility, Universal design
Related Terms: Access guides, Accessibility legislation, Accommodation, Architectural barriers, Architecture
Use for: Barrier free access

Accessibility legislation [SCOPE NOTE: Laws or legislative actions in the area of accessibility]
Broader Terms: Legislation
Related Terms: Accessibility, Architectural accessibility, Program accessibility, Transportation accessibility

Accident prevention
Use: Safety

Accommodation [SCOPE NOTE: Modification of the environment or the workplace to accommodate needs of persons with disabilities; includes providing or modifying equipment or devices, building or modifying a work station]
Related Terms: Accessibility, Architecture, Employment, Environmental control systems, Facilities standards, Home modification, Job modification, Work stations
Use for: Work adaptation

Accountability [SCOPE NOTE: Process of quality control, responsibility for actions or services]
Related Terms: Counseling techniques, Needs assessment, Placement, Service delivery
Use for: Quality assurance, Responsibility

Accounting [SCOPE NOTE: System of resolving and summarizing business and financial transactions and analyzing, verifying, and reporting the results; includes accountants]
Related Terms: Budget, Contract procurement, Cost benefit analysis, Costs, Management
Use for: Finance, Recordkeeping

Accreditation [SCOPE NOTE: Licensing of facilities; for licensing of professionals, use Certification]
Related Terms: Certification, Facilities standards, Rehabilitation facilities, Standards
Use for: Licensing

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Use: HIV, Sexually transmitted diseases

Activities of daily living (ADL)
Use: Daily living

Use: Alternative medicine

Use: Architectural accessibility, Transportation accessibility

Use: Adjustment

Adaptive devices
Use: Devices

Adaptive equipment
Use: Assistive technology

Adaptive technology
Use: Assistive technology

Use: Behavior disorders, Substance abuse

Adjustment [SCOPE NOTE: Includes acquisition of habits, attitudes, and skills enabling persons with disabilities to function as effectively as possible; includes community adjustment]
Narrower terms: Work adjustment
Related Terms: Attitudes, Attitudinal barriers
Use for: Adaptation, Coping, Humor, Life-stage adjustment, Personal adjustment, Social adjustment

Use: Management, Planning

Administrators [SCOPE NOTE: Key executives in a business, program, or agency]
Broader Terms: Personnel
Related Terms: Business, Management, Professionals, Supervisors
Use for: Executives

Use: Youth

Adoption [SCOPE NOTE: Includes adopted children, adoption process or programs; focuses on children with disabilities who are available for adoption]
Related Terms: Children, Family life, Parents

Adult education [SCOPE NOTE: Includes a range of instructional and learning activities for those who have completed or discontinued their formal preparatory education]
Broader Terms: Education
Related Terms: Continuing education

Adults [SCOPE NOTE: Individuals aged 18 or older]
Narrower terms: Older adults
Related Terms: Age factors, Aging, Females, Males

Use: Marketing, Public relations

Advocacy [SCOPE NOTE: Activities aimed at changing public policy orobtaining benefits for inpidual consumers; includes public education, case advocacy, legal rights, and advocates]
Related Terms: Affirmative action, Consumers, Independent living, Legal concerns, Legislation, Public relations, Self help
Use for: Civil rights, Consumer groups, Disability rights, Empowerment, Lobbying, Treatment decisions

Affirmative action [SCOPE NOTE: Hiring and promoting inpiduals regardless of race, sex, national origin, ancestry, or disability; includes aspects of civil rights, legal rights, discrimination, bias, and confidentiality]
Broader Terms: Diversity, Hiring practices
Related Terms: Advocacy, Employment, Employment legislation, Legal concerns, Personnel

Age factors [SCOPE NOTE: Influence of age on a condition. For issues related to the aging process, use AGING. CIRRIE term added May 2011]
Related Terms: Adults, Aging, Alzheimer's disease, Children, Geriatric rehabilitation, Nursing homes, Older adults, Older workers, Youth

Use: Aging, Older adults

Use: Federal agencies, Municipal/regional agencies, Regional agencies

Aggression [SCOPE NOTE: Includes hostile or destructive behavior or outlook, and behavior marked by driving forceful energy or initiative; also includes aggressiveness and aggressors]
Broader Terms: Behavior, Behavior problems
Related Terms: Assertiveness, Behavior modification, Personality

Aging [SCOPE NOTE: Includes the aged, elderly, older adults, geriatrics, gerontology, and all aspects of the aging process]
Related Terms: Adults, Age factors, Alzheimer's disease, Family life, Geriatric rehabilitation, Nursing homes, Older adults, Older workers, Retirement
Use for: Aged, Elderly, Gerontology

Agriculture [SCOPE NOTE: Includes farmers]
Related Terms: Horticulture, Migrants
Use for: Farming

Use: Attendant care

Use: HIV, Sexually transmitted diseases

AIDS related complex
Use: HIV

Air transportation [SCOPE NOTE: Transportation by airplane; includes airports]
Broader Terms: Transportation
Related Terms: Public transportation, Rail transportation, Transportation accessibility, Travel

Alcoholism [SCOPE NOTE: Includes alcoholics, treatment of alcoholism, as well as persons with disabilities and alcoholism]
Broader Terms: Substance abuse
Related Terms: Fetal alcohol syndrome

Use: Foreign born

Allergies [SCOPE NOTE: Immune disorders; hypersensitivity to specific substances]
Narrower terms: Asthma
Broader Terms: Chronic illness, Respiratory disease
Related Terms: Skin disorders

Allied health personnel
Use: Health personnel, Medical personnel, Paraprofessionals

Use: Handbooks

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
Use: Neuromuscular disorders

Alternative communication
Use: Communication devices

Alternative medicine [SCOPE NOTE: Treatment of a medical condition by means other than those generally accepted by the medical community, term added December 1994]
Broader Terms: Holism
Use for: Acupuncture, Chiropractic treatments, Herbal treatments

Alzheimer's disease [SCOPE NOTE: Disease characterized by progressive dementia]
Related Terms: Age factors, Aging, Dementia

Ambulation [SCOPE NOTE: Act of walking, including gait]
Broader Terms: Body movement
Related Terms: Equilibrium, Mobility, Mobility aids, Mobility training, Wheelchairs
Use for: Body coordination, Gait, Locomotion

Amplification systems
Use: Sensory aids

Amputations [SCOPE NOTE: Removal of a limb or limbs, or a part thereof; includes amputees]
Broader Terms: Surgery
Related Terms: Orthopedics, Prosthetics
Use for: Trauma

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Use: Neuromuscular disorders

Use: Evaluation

Anatomy [SCOPE NOTE: Study of the human body]
Narrower terms: Back, Body, Bones, Joints, Limbs, Muscles, Nerves, Nervous system, Spinal cord, Spine
Related Terms: Medicine, Physiology

Anemia [SCOPE NOTE: Hematologic disorder]
Narrower terms: Sickle cell anemia
Broader Terms: Blood disorders
Use for: Ischemia

Animals [SCOPE NOTE: Includes pet therapy, animal companions for persons with disabilities, guide dogs, seeing eye dogs, hearing dogs, dog training; excludes research animals; for research on animals, use ANIMAL STUDIES]
Use for: Pet therapy, Pets, Service animals

Use: Joints

Annual reports [SCOPE NOTE: Reports issued yearly by an agency, institution, or business giving an overview of activities]
Related Terms: Final reports

Use: Eating disorders

Anxiety disorders [SCOPE NOTE: Term added June 1989]
Broader Terms: Emotional disorders, Psychiatric disabilities
Related Terms: Grief, Psychiatry, Psychology
Use for: Fear, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Panic disorders, Personality disorders, Phobias, Separation anxiety disorders

Aphasia [SCOPE NOTE: Loss or impairment of power of speech or ability to comprehend spoken or written language]
Broader Terms: Speech impairments
Related Terms: Brain injuries, Language, Language learning, Speech, Speech therapy, Stroke, Stuttering

Appropriations [SCOPE NOTE: Authorized sums of money set aside to pay certain known or anticipated costs of a given program, item, or service]
Related Terms: Financial aid, Funding, Grants

Use: HIV

Architectural accessibility [SCOPE NOTE: Providing entry to buildings or houses to all inpiduals regardless of their physical or mental characteristics; includes parking lots, voting booths, sidewalks, and other types of architectures]
Broader Terms: Accessibility
Related Terms: Accessibility legislation, Architecture, Bathrooms, Facilities, Home modification, Housing, Program accessibility, Universal design
Use for: ADAAG, Signage

Architectural barriers [SCOPE NOTE: Structural obstacles barring access of persons with physical disabilities to a place, building, vehicle; includes building design which limits use by persons with mobility or sensory difficulties such as curbs, door sizes, restrooms, and so forth]
Broader Terms: Barriers
Related Terms: Accessibility, Architecture, Facilities, Housing

Architecture [SCOPE NOTE: General term used in discussing aspects of a building not related to architectural barriers or accessibility]
Related Terms: Accessibility, Accommodation, Architectural accessibility, Architectural barriers, Facilities, Housing, Universal design

Armed forces
Use: Military

Use: Limbs

Art therapy [SCOPE NOTE: Using art in the treatment or remediation of persons with disabilities]
Broader Terms: Therapy
Related Terms: Arts, Bibliotherapy, Music therapy, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Psychotherapy

Arthritis [SCOPE NOTE: Chronic disease of the joints]
Broader Terms: Chronic illness, Degenerative diseases, Musculoskeletal disorders
Related Terms: Joints, Limbs, Muscles, Pain
Use for: Rheumatic diseases

Artificial intelligence
Use: Decision support systems

Arts [SCOPE NOTE: Includes plays, art, theater, crafts, movies, and other art forms; includes entertainers and artists]
Related Terms: Art therapy, Bibliotherapy, Leisure, Music therapy, Recreation, Therapy

ASL (American Sign Language)
Use: Sign language

Assertiveness [SCOPE NOTE: Includes assertiveness training]
Broader Terms: Behavior
Related Terms: Aggression, Behavior modification

Use: Diagnosis, Evaluation, Needs assessment, Tests

Assistive technology [SCOPE NOTE: Broad term encompassing both high- and low-technology devices designed to aid people with disabilities]
Narrower terms: Communication devices, Mobility aids, Sensory aids, Technology assistance programs
Broader Terms: Technology
Related Terms: Computers, Devices, Engineering, Medical technology, Technology development, Technology transfer
Use for: Adaptive equipment, Adaptive technology, Instrumentation

Use: Organizations

Asthma [SCOPE NOTE: Immune disorders characterized by wheezing and coughing due to spasmodic contractions of the bronchi]
Broader Terms: Allergies, Chronic illness, Respiratory disease

Use: Muscular impairments

Attendant care [SCOPE NOTE: Personal care provided for persons with disabilities usually not in an institutional setting; includes attendants, recruitment, and training]
Related Terms: Day care, Independent living, Long term care, Respite care
Use for: Aides, Personal assistance, Personal care attendants

Attention deficit disorders [SCOPE NOTE: Disorders involving impaired attention span; term added June 1989]

Attitudes [SCOPE NOTE: General term used only when a more specific term does not apply; includes bias, discrimination, client attitudes, employee attitudes, social attitudes, and feelings]
Narrower terms: Counselor attitudes, Employer attitudes, Work attitudes
Broader Terms: Personality
Related Terms: Adjustment, Attitudinal barriers, Diversity, Perception, Self concept
Use for: Attitudes toward disabled, Prejudice

Attitudes toward disabled
Use: Attitudes

Attitudinal barriers [SCOPE NOTE: Attitudes and feelings which negatively affect the integration of persons with disabilities into society]
Broader Terms: Barriers
Related Terms: Adjustment, Attitudes, Counselor attitudes, Employer attitudes, Self concept

Audiology [SCOPE NOTE: Includes study of hearing disorders, particularly the rehabilitation of inpiduals with impaired hearing]
Related Terms: Audiometry, Communication, Communication skills, Hearing aids, Hearing impairments
Use for: Hearing

Audiometry [SCOPE NOTE: Testing and measurement of hearing acuity]
Related Terms: Audiology, Hearing impairments, Tests

Audiovisual materials [SCOPE NOTE: Includes documents about nonprint materials and audiovisual equipment. Excludes microfilm, microfiche, or micrographics. For specific audiovisual formats, the format type is listed on the call number line of the database record following the call number; the following formats are used: Audio Cassette, Audio Disk, Audio Tape, Film, Filmstrip, Slide Tape, Video Cassette, and Video Tape]
Related Terms: Micrographics, Telecommunications, Television
Use for: Audiovisuals, Film, Multimedia, Slide tape, Video cassette, Video tape

Use: Audiovisual materials

Augmentative and alternative communication
Use: Communication devices

Autism [SCOPE NOTE: Absorption in subjective mental activity, especially when accompanied by marked withdrawal from reality]
Broader Terms: Developmental disabilities, Disabilities, Psychiatric disabilities

Use: Biographies

Autoimmune disorders [SCOPE NOTE: Any disorder that affects the body's ability to defend itself against illness, term added December 1994]
Narrower terms: HIV, Lupus