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Taylor NF

Contact information

Allied Health Clinical Research Office, Eastern Health, La Trobe University, 5 Arnold St, Box Hill, VIC 3128, Australia. Email:

Note: this information is from 2012 and may not be completely up to date. Information is taken from the most recent article we have where Taylor NF is the first author. Also, it is possible for multiple authors named Taylor NF to have articles in the CIRRIE database.

Bibliographic information

Taylor NF has been an author on 55 articles in the CIRRIE database. The 5 most recent are:

Iles RA, Taylor NF, Davidson M, O''Halloran PD. (2012). Patient recovery expectations in non-chronic non-specific low back pain: a qualitative investigation. Journal of rehabilitation medicine 44(9):781-7.

de Morton NA, Harding KE, Taylor NF, Harrison G. (2013). Validity of the de Morton Mobility Index (DEMMI) for measuring the mobility of patients with hip fracture during rehabilitation. Disability and rehabilitation 35(4):325-33.

Carlon SL, Taylor NF, Dodd KJ, Shields N. (2013). Differences in habitual physical activity levels of young people with cerebral palsy and their typically developing peers: a systematic review. Disability and rehabilitation 35(8):647-55.

Peiris CL, Taylor NF, Shields N. (2012). Patients value patient-therapist interactions more than the amount or content of therapy during inpatient rehabilitation: a qualitative study. Journal of physiotherapy 58(4):261-8.

Harding KE, Taylor NF, Leggat SG, Stafford M. (2012). Effect of triage on waiting time for community rehabilitation: A prospective cohort study. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 93(3 ):441-445.

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