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Touyz SW

Contact information

Touyz SW has not been the first author on any articles in the CIRRIE database.

Bibliographic information

Touyz SW has been an author on 8 articles in the CIRRIE database. The 5 most recent are:

Murray SB, Rieger E, Karlov L, Touyz SW. (2013). An investigation of the transdiagnostic model of eating disorders in the context of muscle dysmorphia. European eating disorders review : the journal of the Eating Disorders Association 21(2):160-4.

Willinge AC, Touyz SW, Thornton C. (2010). An evaluation of the effectiveness and short-term stability of an innovative Australian day patient programme for eating disorders. European Eating Disorders Review 18(3):220-33.

Soh NLW, Touyz SW, Dobbins TA, Surgenor LJ, et al. (2009). Nutrition knowledge in young women with eating disorders in Australia and Singapore: A pilot study. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 43(12):1178-1184.

Dean HY, Touyz SW, Rieger E, Thornton CE. (2008). Group motivational enhancement therapy as an adjunct to inpatient treatment for eating disorders: a preliminary study. European Eating Disorders Review 16(4):256-67.

Swinbourne JM, Touyz SW. (2007). The co-morbidity of eating disorders and anxiety disorders: A review. European Eating Disorders Review 15(4):253-274.

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