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[An Offer of Assistive Technology Device and Ergonomic Approach to Improve Functional Capacity of the Disabled].

Authors: Jung MY, Kim JR, Min KC, Gu IS

Year: 2006

Source: Disability and Employment Journal 16(2):27 - 47.

Abstract: One of the methods to improve functions of the disabled person is to supply assistive devices. It is important for the disabled person that the devices should be supplied by an expert, who is capable of evaluating their sensory, perception, cognition and motor function. Moreover if the expert have knowledge about ergonomics, he or she will also prevent the musculo-skeletal disease which may be happen in work place. In this paper, we introduced the theoretical background of the assistive devices and ergonomic approach, and evaluate the risk factors of the musculo-skeletal disease of the disabled worker who was equipped a proper assistive device, and presented objective experimental results that posture intervention by using assistive device can be useful to improve work function of the disabled worker. (Journal Abstract)

Institution: Yonsei University, Republic of Korea

Language: Korean

Subject headings: Abstracts, Assistive technology, Devices, Ergonomics, Functional status, Vocational evaluation, Workers with disabilities

Geographic areas: East & Southeast Asia, Republic of Korea

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