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Activities of daily living after hip fracture: Pre- and post discharge.

Authors: Egan M, Warren SA, Hessel PA, Gilewich G

Year: 1992

Source: Occupational Therapy Journal of Research 12(6):342-356.

Abstract: This study was conducted to identify if predischarge ADL scores can predict post-discharge independence in ADL. Data was collected for 61 participants hospitalized for hip fractures using ADL assessments for 3 days before discharge. Information regarding anticipated role loss,depression, mental status, health status, and social support was also collected. Post-discharge indpendence level in ADL was obtained 3 weeks after discharge using telephone interviews. Although there was a low concordance between predischarge and post discharge ADL Scores, nevertheless it statistically significant (K(w) =.223; p <.05). Approximately 50.8% of the subjects demonstrated greater dependence after discharge. However, there was no relation between more dependent ADL performance at home and role loss, depression, mental status, health status, or social support. The study concluded that pre-discharge ADL assessment is not an accurate way of predicting post-discharge independence. The authors recommend that a community follow-up be carried for patients with hip fractures. (CIRRIE Abstract)

Institution: Dept Epidemiology and Biostatistics, McGill University, 1020 Pine Avenue West, Montreal, Que. H3A 1A2, Canada

Language: English

Subject headings: Abstracts, Bones, Daily living, Dependency, Depression, Functional evaluation, Injuries, Joints, Occupational therapy, Outcome, Prediction

Geographic areas: Canada, North America

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