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[Relationship between anxiety, global self-esteem and perceived exertion values during exercise in obese and non-obese adolescent girls]

Authors: Mercier C-S, Maiano C, Nicol C, Sepulcre J, et al.

Original title: Etude des relations entre les valeurs d'anxiete, d'estime globale de soi et la perception de l'effort lors de l'exercice physique chez des adolescentes obeses et non obeses

Year: 2010

Source: Science and Sports 25(6 ):323-326.

Institution: LAHMES, Universite de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis, 261, route de Grenoble, 06205 Nice cedex 3, France. Email:

Language: French

Subject headings: Anxiety disorders, Cardiovascular function, Children, Epidemiology, Evaluation, Exercise, Females, Obesity, Psychiatry, Psychology, Questionnaires, Rehabilitation services, Research, Self concept, Self report, Service delivery, Tests, Youth

Geographic areas: Europe, France

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