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Randomized controlled trial of Internet cognitive behavioural treatment for social phobia with and without motivational enhancement strategies

Authors: Titov N, Andrews G, Schwencke G, Robinson E, et al.

Year: 2010

Source: Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 44(10 ):938-945.

Abstract: Available at PubMed

Institution: Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety and Depression, University of New South Wales, St Vincent's Hospital, 390 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW 2010, Australia. Email:

Language: English

Subject headings: Adults, Anxiety disorders, Behavior, Behavior modification, Cognition, Cost benefit analysis, Evaluation, Females, Follow up, Information resources, Internet, Males, Motivation, Outcome, Policy, Psychiatric disabilities, Psychiatry, Psychological tests, Research, Research methodology, Self concept

Geographic areas: Australia, Oceania

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